What is the NBN

nbnThe NBN (National Broadband Network) is a publicly funded roll-out of fibre optic cable and other infrastructure across Australia, to replace our existing copper cable network of phone lines and broadband services.

This roll-out is being managed and constructed by the Government owned company NBN Co.
What this means is that if you want to continue making phone calls and using the internet through a landline service you will need to be connected to the NBN.
When the NBN reaches your area, they will contact you to arrange installation of a small box in your home or business called a Network Terminating Device (NTD) – that will connect you to the network.

To find out when the NBN will be available in your area visit www.nbnco.com.au or contact them.

Once the NBN Co has connected you to the network, you will need to identify a Retail Service Provider (RSP) – organisations such as Telstra, Optus, iiNet and TPG and others, are capable of delivering the telecommunications services you require.

Please contact us at AlarmLogic, to discuss any changes to your alarm system that might be applicable when the NBN is installed in your area.

How will the NBN affect my monitored security system ?

NBN ConnectionFor those alarm systems being monitored via a standard phone line alarm dialler system, the changeover to NBN can have consequences for your security system.

The NBN or your Retail Service Provider (RSP) may need to relocate your standard telephone socket to the NBN’s “Connection Box” – to ensure that your alarm phone line is not disconnected or configured incorrectly.

Your RSP may advise that connection of your alarm to the ‘Uni-V Voice Port’ of the NBN ‘connection box’ will not affect the communications of the alarm to the monitoring centre – however our experience suggests that alarm systems can have difficulties communicating accurately, consistently and reliably via this method.

Plus please be aware that the NBN equipment – including the Uni-V Port, will cut out in the event of a power failure. A separate battery backup power unit for the NBN can be installed at your additional cost, but will only supply power to the Uni-V Port for a period of approximately 3-4 hours in total.

This does not meet the Australian Standards for Intruder Alarm Systems backup battery requirements as stipulated in AS 2201. Thus once power to the Uni-V Port is off, your alarm will continue to function locally (i.e. sirens will activate), but will not be able to report to the monitoring station.

What are my options ?

When the new NBN service is offered in your area, you will be contacted by a number of Retail Service Providers (RSPs) looking to sell you their telephone and broadband services.

It’s important that you consider your options before signing up with an RSP, so that you don’t place the security of your home, family or business at risk.


Option 1:

Contact AlarmLogic for assistance to ensure that there’s no interruption to the monitoring of your alarm system.

SCSI Direct Wireless UnitWe will review your situation and advise you of the various options available – including Next G Wireless unit GPRS monitoring, to transmit alarm events wirelessly over mobile networks – and keep your alarm system working seamlessly.

The Australian Industry Association for Security (ASIAL), recommends that the best way to avoid any disruptions to your monitored alarm system from the NBN, is to install an inexpensive and cost-effective Next G Wireless unit.

In our experience, simply using a ‘Uni-V Voice Port’ on your NBN connection cannot guarantee reliable transmission of alarm signals to a central station.

Our Next G Wireless units are an inexpensive solution for a standard alarm dialler, which eliminates the need for an NBN backup battery and will reliably communicate alarm transmissions over a private and secure GPRS mobile network.


Option 2:

Advise your Retail Service Provider (RSP) that you have a monitored security alarm or medical system.

Seek confirmation from the RSP that they’re able to support your existing security alarm or medical system using the ‘UNI-V Voice Port’ and are capable of reconnecting your alarm phone socket. If they can’t, you may need to find a provider who can.

Whilst the NBN Co is responsible for connecting a fibre connection to your home or business, all of the wiring within your home or business remains your responsibility.

Before choosing an RSP it would be best that you contact us at AlarmLogicWe have the expertise and solutions available to successfully transition your alarm system over to the NBN, or become totally independent of it.

We want to ensure you maintain your security and peace of mind.