AlarmNet Monitoring

“When an Alarm is triggered we take action immediately”.

AlarmLogic is quite unique as we operate our own Certified Grade A1, Quality Assured and SA Police Approved Monitoring Centre from within our Green Fields premises – called AlarmNet.

This enables us to provide a high quality and consistent service at a reasonable price. We provide alarm monitoring solutions for digital dialers, GPRS, Next G Wireless units, Telstra Secure UHS, GSM Primary/Backup and IP systems.

By connecting your alarm to our Monitoring Centre, you turn your investment into a far more effective security system.

With a monitored alarm, changes in conditions at a property are immediately communicated to our Monitoring Centre and the appropriate responses are made.

Monitoring is protected by up to four levels of redundancy, meaning that power outages, network problems and even sabotaged phone lines will not prevent immediate reporting of any change in your property’s security status.

AlarmNet Monitoring