Next G Wireless Unit

Next G Wireless Unit Monitoring

To allow your security system to transmit alarm events wirelessly over mobile networks instead of a landline or NBN connection – AlarmLogic offers an affordable solution called a Next G Wireless Unit.


This connects directly to your new or existing alarm panel – to allow your security system to transmit alarm events directly and wirelessly to our monitoring service via the Telstra Next G/Optus 3G Networks.


If you are connecting to the NBN it may be best to utilise the Direct Wireless Unit instead of the NBN standard Uni-V Voice Port. Read more: NBN – implications for monitored alarm systems.


Applications for mobile devices have become available for the Next G Wireless units – enabling you to arm/disarm your alarm system remotely.
Direct Wireless Unit Monitoring
Direct Wireless Network Information - Open

Direct Wireless NetworkThe Direct Wireless Network is Australia’s only Private IP network dedicated solely to the transmission of alarm signals and data.

Unlike traditional telephone monitoring Direct Wireless does not suffer from network congestion, and cannot be hacked or tampered with as there is no public access to the network – and most importantly there are no phone lines to cut!

The Next G Wireless unit reports all alarm and system events reliably, securely and instantly to our Grade A1 monitoring centre – AlarmNet Monitoring via the Telstra Next G and/or Optus 3G Network.

With a Next G Wireless unit installed your security system is permanently connected to AlarmNet which allows our systems to regularly check and test the status of the alarm interface either 24 hourly, 12 hourly, hourly or every 90 seconds – the choice is yours.

Direct Wireless delivers a high grade alarm monitoring solution suitable for both high and low risk sites & with its unmatched 10 year product and network guarantee it is an affordable solution for your security needs.

‘Always On’ alarm monitoring Direct Wireless is a dedicated, wireless communications solution for alarm monitoring only. It reports all alarm, operational status, and event messages reliably, securely, and instantly to the alarm monitoring service provider any time and any place an alarm event occurs.

In the event of an actual incident, alarm messages are instantly transmitted across the Direct Wireless network and acknowledged by your central monitoring station ensuring an immediate response.